danny wright VO

Rob Lawe

Executive Creative Director

Fresh Creative Los Angeles


"Danny is one of Hollywood's best voice over talents. His voice can be heard on all our spots for "24" and many corporate presentations. He's the best. Hire him"!

Andy Harper

Post Production Audio

Fox Television/ On Air Promo


"Danny and I have done literally thousands of spots together. His fantastic voice, intuition, and sense of humor make him an absolute pleasure to work with. Danny and I once recorded 80 spots with tags in under an hour with no notes from the client. That's got to be some kind of a record"!

Josh Dolberg

WGN America


“I’ve been utilizing Danny’s voice for nearly 20 years. From drama to comedy, promos to sizzles Danny range allows him to find the sweet spot on any project.  He’s reliable takes direction well and is simply a joy to work with.  I highly recommend him for your next project.”